Monday, June 29, 2009

Project Linus Conference - I'm Home

I got home from the national conference about 12:30 PM. I had a fabulous time. Honestly, the best time I've had in a long time. The Project Linus coordinators and headquarters staff are a great group of people. The conference was informative and lots of fun. We had LOTS of chocolate and lots of fun in our classes and demos. I learned many new ideas for making blankets and in running and growing the chapter.

Ellen Knoefel (Asheville NC) coordinator had emailed me last year not long after my husband died and offered to pick me up and take me to this year's conference. She is a wonderful lady. Her assistant Sharon drove her car and we had a great "road trip" both coming and going. It's a ways to Bloomington, IL but it felt like the old "homeland" in Ohio with all the FLAT cornfields. However, there were a "few more" windmills than what we have on Windrock - there were fields and fields of them. I was told the one field we saw had over 200 windmills. They were beautiful. Of course, we all ate too much, but we had sooooooo much fun and learned soooo much.

You'll be seeing more over the next few months from the information I learned at the conference. Thanks so much for allowing me to be your coordinator - it is truly a blessing in my life.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Still At Conference and It Just Keeps Getting Better

I'm still at the Project Linus national conference. I'm having an absolutely great time. They are going to an every other year conference format so the next one won't be until 2011. BUT, the good news is that next year there will be regional meetings and volunteers are invited, too. I am probably going to work with the North Carolina Coordinators and we will do one in Asheville, NC. More details to follow. While I'm not a quilter, I am so IMPRESSED by all the wonderful quilts. I've learned a lot of new techniques in working with fleece, good sources for fabrics, wonderful patterns and much more. I'll be sharing these with you as time permits and I dig thru all this stuff I'm bringing back with me! I'm missing the pups and friends, but this has been a wonderful experience.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Avlyn Fabrics WOW

Many of you have seen the flyers I sent about the new Komfort Kids fabrics put out by Avlyn Fabrics. These are a special line of Project Linus fabrics. PL makes approximately 36.5 cents per yard on all fabric sold. Fabric is available through and local fabric and quilting stores. It is NOT available through chain stores like JoAnn's or Walmart. I got to see the Komfort Kids fabrics at the national conference including the first quilt ever made from the fabric. They are absolutely darling. They should be available at Quilters Warehouse and at local shops on July 1. If you see it in any of our local stores, please let me know so I can pass the word. You can view this fabric and other Avlyn Fabrics at Be sure to watch the video when you click on the Komfort Kids fabric. Also, the Space Rangers fabric is beautiful and it glows in the dark for approximatly 10 minutes after a child is tucked in bed and the lights are turned out. It's totally child friendly - no harmful chemicals, etc. The dinosauer fabric is also great. They have dog fabric that helps support dog rescue and is darling. Also, be sure to check out the July/August issue of Fons and Porter magazine about the new contest using the Komfort Kids fabric - timing is short on this contest so if you are interested you need to move quickly.

Project Linus National Conference

I'm at the Project Linus National Conference. It's the first time I've ever attended. I'm learning so much and have so many exciting ideas to share with you. First of all, I've learned to create this blog. Like I said before, you can check it regularly or you can click on the subscribe button and you will automatically get information on your email when it is updated. When I post time sensitive or real important information, I will send you an email reminding you to check the blog. We will also soon have a new website. This is out of necessity since Geocities is no longer going to offer "free" websites. If you are not on the Project Linus of East TN email list, please just send me an email and I'll gladly add you to the list. I can add you to receive updates only or to receive both updates and the monthly newsletter. Just let me know.

Project Linus of East Tennessee New Blog

Blanketeers, Recipient Organizations, Family and Friends:
Project Linus of East Tennessee now has a blog. Check back here regularly for updates about our chapter. I'll be sending you an email with information about how to be notified when the blog is updated or you can just make yourself a note to check back on a regular basis.