Sunday, March 28, 2010

Attention PLET Blanketeers - Quilt Patterns Needed

Project Linus – Coming to Your Favorite Bookstore?
From Carol Babbitt, PL National President

A few weeks ago, Mary and I were contacted by a well known literary agent in New York. I don't think she realized that she would be making a dream of ours come true, but she did! For years, we have planned, dreamed, hoped to write a book about the Project Linus story. Well, this was our invitation to do just that and we couldn't be more excited. Preliminary plans are for a book with stories, beautiful pictures and of course, blanket patterns. If all goes well, this will be just the first of a series. Our first book will be about quilts, but we hope that additional books about knitting, crocheting and other blanket methods will follow.
What we would really like to do is include a lot of patterns from Project Linus volunteers and chapter coordinators. We need your help! If you would like to submit a pattern idea, we would love to hear from you. It could be your pattern idea or a volunteer, but it has to be ORIGINAL, and UNPUBLISHED. It doesn't have to be in a pattern format for now. You can include drawings, pictures, and just a description, or if you already have it in pattern format that is great too. Email to Mary at We need your ideas by April 15, 2010, and remember this is just quilting patterns for now. We'll ask for additional pattern ideas for other techniques later. If your pattern is chosen we will contact you to discuss details.