Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Little Bitty Quilt Show July 2010

Patti and Deb went to the show last weekend. Under 20 small quilts, but they were worth seeing. Also the gift shop was very nice. It's close to the Museum of Appalachia. Also close to Golden Girls and Harrisons - both good places to eat. They also have a quilt trail square on the side of the building! A nice 1/2 day outing!!!!

Little Bitty Quilt Show at the Appalachian Arts Craft Center during July. 2716 Andersonville Highway, Clinton, TN http://www.appalachianarts.net/

Project Linus of East TN Donates Over 15,000 Blankets

As of June 30, 2010, the Project Linus of East Tennessee chapter has donated 15,287 blankets to children in traumatic situations since its beginning in April 2003.

Do You Know What a Cane Sweater is?

They were invented by the Sacramento Project Linus coordinator. Here's more info from her about them:

Some of you might remember that I invented the "Cane Sweater" 2 years agowhen my dad needed to start using a cane. What started out as kind of afamily joke has turned into a wonderful venture! We have our own website(www.canesweaters.com) and all proceeds go to Project Linus! Well, lastyear, I entered it in the Michael's/Vanna's Choice contest and was just informed that I won 3rd prize! Wow! What an honor! I'm way down the pictures on their site, but we're there! Check outhttp://www.vannaschoice.com/ I wish they had put in the story of its creation to get more publicity for Project Linus, though!
Claire Gliddon, Coordinator
Project Linus - Sacramento

Brother Sewing Machines

Info from PL Headquarters:

Hi everyone,
Every so often our local Brother Sewing Machine dealer offers some sweet deals to Project Linus folks. In addition to all of the other support they give us, she asked me to pass along that they have the following:
Could you let your coordinators or mailing list know that the PE200 Snoopy machines are still available. They are embroidery only and have the Charles Schultz' characters built in, including Linus & his
blanket. They are $500 @ with $25 shipping. If they have any
questions, they can call me at 1-800-962-7180.
Vicky Hartley, Galesburg Sewing Center